Answering Three Of Your Auto Glass Replacement And Repair Questions

Auto glass repairs and replacements can be a type of service that most vehicle owners will find that they need at some point. Unfortunately, many car owners will not be prepared to encounter this problem, which can leave them searching for answers once their vehicle has suffered either minor or serious glass damage.

Is It Necessary To Replace The Windshield?

Car owners will often be under the impression that it will only be necessary for them to have the windshield of their vehicle replaced if it becomes damaged. However, any of your car's windows can be vulnerable to being damaged severely enough to require replacement. For example, the side windows may not seem as important as the front or rear windshield, but they can still cause considerable problems for the vehicle if they become damaged. The driver may be less able to see, and there may be a higher risk of suffering injuries in minor accidents due to the protective glass failing.

What Determines Whether The Auto Glass Can Be Repaired Or Must Be Replaced?

Not surprisingly, car owners will typically want to opt to have their glass repaired rather than paying to replace it. Unfortunately, there are many types of damage that will simply be unable to be repaired. This will generally be the case if the damage to the glass is more than an inch in length or deep enough to penetrate the outer layer of the glass. While it can be possible to apply a repair resin to glass that has suffered this type of extensive damage, it is unlikely to provide long-lasting results. Rather, a replacement will be necessary to ensure the glass is permanently repaired.

Can You Have Your Auto Glass Replaced On Days When It Is Raining?

When you have your windshield replaced, a high-quality adhesive will be used to hold the pane of glass in place. As a result, rain can create problems for this repair. Luckily, it does not have to completely stop the repair process. Rather, the auto glass will simply need to be replaced in a covered area. The adhesive that will hold it in place can be dried extremely quickly by the use of both direct heat and infrared drying systems. For those that are wanting to use a mobile replacement service for this work, you will want to make sure that you have a garage or other covered area where the technician can complete this work if there is rain in the forecast.

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